Michigan Commercial Gasoline Deliveries

Commercial Gasoline Service for Detroit Metro and Beyond.

Chapp Oil can supply filling stations, fueling facilities, commercial operations, construction sites municipal lots and more with branded and unbranded gasoline.

Our metered trucks provide accurate records of each gasoline delivery to every tank or vehicle you manage. Fleet fueling, overnight fueling, generator supplies and more are just a call away.

Chapp Oil offers no-lead gasoline at 87 octane, mid-grade at 89 octane and super at 93 octane and can accommodate special orders on one-time or scheduled deliveries. Ethanol and non-ethanol gas are available.

Fleet fueling at our conveniently located Sunoco service stations is tracked and provides detailed reporting by vehicle, location, time, quantity and cost. Pricing for Chapp Oil gasoline is competitive, and fleet fueling, wet hosing and on-site tanks ensure your business has the fuel it needs, when it needs.

We also deliver on-road and off-road diesel, propane, lubricants and oils throughout Michigan and the surrounding states.

Talk to one of our specialists to learn more about our branded and unbranded gasoline services, tank monitoring and volume discounts, and become a customer today. Contact us or call (855) CHAPP OIL.

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