Save with DEF Deliveries from Chapp Oil

There’s no reason to go to a third-party, box store, or overpay at a truck stop for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). As your full-service fuel supplier, Chapp Oil will deliver your DEF with your diesel and biodiesel fuel drops or as needed.

Most engine manufacturers have switched to SCR technology, which makes DEF necessary for operating modern diesel engines and equipment. It’s important to maintain proper DEF levels, otherwise trucks and machinery will stop working and could potentially void equipment warranties.

Your DEF supplier should be as reliable as your diesel supplier – and you get both, and more, with Chapp Oil. Our DEF is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meets their purity standards to preserve the emissions control system of your engines and protect the environment.

We also deliver on-road and off-road diesel, propane, kerosene, lubricants and oils to businesses throughout Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, and surrounding states.

Talk to one of our specialists to learn more about our DEF delivery services, tank monitoring and volume discounts, and become a customer today. Contact us or call (855) CHAPP OIL.

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