Fuel Polishing Keeps Your Fuels Ready for Action

Diesel fuels in long-term storage can become contaminated, which can cause engine failure in emergency back-up power sources and equipment. The longer the fuel is stored in your large on-site tank, the more it will need polishing.

Polishing is rarely needed for fuels from tanks that are used and refilled regularly. But hospitals, data centers, manufacturers, plants and other facilities that have diesel-powered back-up generators with the requisite fuels sitting for years at a time could be in for dangerous surprises when they turn to 20-year-old un-polished fuels in an emergency.

Fuel polishing should be part of your back-up power maintenance service plans. Fuel polishing is a mechanical, multi-stage filtration of stored fuels to extract harmful contaminants. Water, bacteria and more are removed, and the fuel is practically as clear as it was the first day it was delivered.

Chapp Oil can set up an automated fuel polishing schedule for your emergency back-up fuels.

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