Commercial Bulk Fueling throughout Michigan

Chapp Oil delivers on-road diesel, off-road diesel, biodiesel, gasoline and kerosene to help contractors, construction sites, agricultural facilities, manufacturers and fleets maximize productivity and stay on schedule. Our job site fueling services include tanks, if needed, custom fueling plans, and reliable delivery.

Your on-site operations run more smoothly, you reduce down time, and your customers are satisfied.

We offer competitive bulk pricing and great service. We can even help design a customized fill plan based on your needs so you can enjoy even

Whether your work site needs 100 gallons a day or 10,000, Chapp Oil can meet your needs. Our metered trucks provide detailed records of every delivery, whether it is one fuel or multiple fuels and blend.

We will accommodate emergency deliveries to the best of our abilities. Our trucks deliver all throughout Michigan and the surrounding states, and one is usually within a few hours of any site in our service area.

Contact Chapp Oil today to discuss your bulk delivery needs and let us start developing your custom schedule and pricing.