Lower Carbon Emissions with Biodiesel

Biodiesel delivers the reliability of on- or off-road ultra-low sulfur diesel and takes it even further. Made from renewable resources like recycled used cooking oils, rendered animal fats or vegetable oils and oilseeds, biodiesel can be used in any diesel-fueled vehicle and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70%.

Biodiesel can help lower your carbon emissions to meet corporate or legislative environmental standards.

Chapp Oil biodiesel can be used year-round. We work with the most reputable suppliers to produce the highest-quality fuels from the correct mix of feedstocks and treat it with appropriate additives so that you are not affected by cold-weather gelling or high cloud points.

You cannot simply pour used cooking vegetable oils into your tank! The oils must be cleaned, treated and processed to create biodiesel. Biodiesel can also be blended with our on-road or off-road diesel as needed, or with ultra-low sulfur heating oil to produce a cleaner-burning fuel.

Chapp Oil offers bulk delivery of biodiesel to fleets, heating companies, commercial operations and farms of all sizes. We also deliver on-road and off-road diesel, gasoline, propane, DEF, lubricants, and oils.

Talk to one of our specialists to learn more about the many benefits of biodiesel, set up a fuel delivery schedule, learn more about volume discounts, and become a customer today. Contact us or call (855) CHAPP OIL.