Chapp Oil Traditions

What does it take for a business to last 70 years? The Chapp Oil family believes it comes down to character. From one generation to the next, we were taught that just about anyone can sell, distribute and transport fuel, but success boils down to treating our customers and staff with as much respect as we show our family members.

Now in our fourth generation of ownership, we are still as reliable and considerate as our grandparents were in the 1950s. Our customers are the reason we are still in business, and we make sure our fuels are of the highest quality, our staff are the most considerate and professional, and our service is unmatched.

When you need us, we’ll be there. That’s what you do for family. Become a customer today or contact us to learn more.

Diversity at Chapp Oil

We are proud to be certified as an MBE Minority Business Enterprise.